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How to Make Working in Groups Work

How to Make Working in Groups Work

Article update with video of the event

How To Get On With Anyone: Gain The Confidence And Charisma To Communicate With Any Personality Type

Being able to collaborate with others is an essential skill - both for life and for work.

University is a great place to build your team-working skills and lay the foundations for career success. But it is not always so easy to work well with others and get the results you need.

In this session we take a look at what makes a successful team and what you can do to give your team the best chance of success. Catherine covers topics such as:

  • Setting ground rules and expectations
  • Putting across your own ideas positively
  • Asking questions of others constructively
  • Avoiding personality pitfalls
  • Harnessing the strengths of the group

View the video now to pick up the top tips for working in groups to achieve the results you need!

How to Make Working in Groups Work

By Catherine Stothart - Essenwood Consulting, Author, Coach, Consultant
Catherine Stothart is a Leadership Coach with Airbus, and a partner in Google's Mastery Faculty of virtual facilitators. She has 30 years' experience in leadership development with top multinational companies. She is a Fellow of the CIPD, has a Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour, and has qualifications in Coaching and several psychometric instruments. Her book, How to Get On with Anyone, (2018, Pearson) is a guide to emotionally intelligent communication. Her second book, Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading your Team, will be published by Routledge in November 2022.

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