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Are you prepared for UNI LIFE

Are you prepared for UNI LIFE

Am I prepared for uni life?

How difficult are these years going to be?

These are some questions which every new student asked themselves. What does it mean to be prepared for a new start?... Every new start in our lives is difficult and we are not, and we will not be fully prepared for it...!

The picking of a degree and a university is a tough decision... I know...and you will be probably thinking now ''What if my choice is wrong and I do not like my degree?''. We are young, these are maybe our first important decisions which we need to make for our future, and it is OKAY to make a mistake. BUT this mistake can easily be changed after your 1st year of your degree with the help of your university, so keep calm!

If you are an international student, I feel for you because I am as well. I really can understand how you feel right now, how tough it is to change your whole country and to speak another language. Maybe for us, the uni life can be a bit more challenging but let's be honest... it is not a nightmare! Life is difficult for all of us, international or UK students, and these first steps which we do alone in uni are helping us to learn a lot!

To conclude, I want to tell you something as a friend... if you believe in yourself anything is possible! I will tell you my story in a motivation blog but...I have had been through very tough situations through my two years of studies as an estranged and as an international student, but I am still here having first class grades and writing you this blog, because

I believe in YOU! ENJOY UNI LIFE!

Are you prepared for UNI LIFE

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